Renovation June 2, 2015

Renovation Queen

Yes I am a renovation queen.  If it can be done, I'll find a way to do it.  If you tell me it can't be done then I'll most definitely find a way.  Creativity, stubborness, ingenuity- you name it.  I live for using creativity, and frugal craftiness.  


In walks my most recent renovation project.

My renovation from hell……….  My husband, son and I bought a foreclosure on Whidbey Island on Christmas Eve.  It is by far the most trying project we have endured.  Why you ask?  Let's start by saying that all the major issues can't be remedied by Keith (my husband) and I.  All of our previous renovations have had the electrical farmed out but that was it.  We've done all the demo, plumbing, design and building.  There lies the frustration.  With this 2800' house on 5 acres in the woods the majority of the damage was done to the electrical and the HVAC.  Most definitely issues I can't remedy.  We knew it would be a long ordeal.  But the issues dealing with electricians has been quite trying.