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Hey Baby, it’s hot outside- Jump onto a paddle board or kayak and explore Whidbey Island

What do you do when Whidbey Island suddenly feels like a tropical island?

paddle board and kayak

paddle board and kayak at Mariners Cove east of Oak Harbor

We are quite lucky here on Whidbey Island.   Not only are we on an island, it is a long narrow island.  In several areas we can drive as little 5 miles across the island to reach the other side.  This is great when the weather turns warm.  Kayaking and paddle board on Whidbey is great in warm temperatures.   You can simply go to the west side of the island to catch a breeze or you can head to the east side to hide from the strong winds and still enjoy the water.

Whidbey map

Whidbey and Camano Map

Our island is quite unique.  It’s 55 miles long and varies in widths throughout.  We rarely have a day that’s so ugly you have to stay indoors.  That’s what drew me to Whidbey Island three years ago.  I found the island when I was traveling by bicycle.  It’s a perfect area to explore by bike and kayak.  If traveling by kayak you can find kayak in only camping spots.  These spots can be found on our neighboring islands and on island.  How fun to know you can go for a month long tour and pull right up on bank and put up your tent and walk a mile to get more supplies or a delightful glass or Whidbey Island.  Someone mentioned wine?  We have several great wineries on Whidbey.

Beautiful and quite unique from east to west and south to north.