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Wonderful ideas to create delightful, bright living space



Bright and bold images to carry the eye through a space

I’m always looking for wonderful ideas and great ways to cheer up small places.  Here’s a few great ideas to clean up, cheer up and snaz up a dark, gloomy area.  Open spaces and bright, eye catching art are a great combination.  It’s easy to bring in focal points to carry the eye through an area.  I think this can be carried across to a small living area or bedroom also.  Big isn’t always better, especially on an island.   Whidbey Island has wonderful small cottages and beach houses that are simply just big enough.  It’s not difficult to find a cottage on Whidbey with 700′-900′.    Skylights in a vaulted ceiling on a small home is a bright idea to transform boring to lavish and exciting.  This homeowner took a vaulted ceiling and removed the center wood and replaced with glass.




Custom cabinetry add to the sleek, modern look of this open and inviting home

Custom cabinetry add to the sleek, modern look of this open and inviting home.



soapstone counter tops lined with stainless steel is a great look, sleek and modern

I fell in love with this home as soon as  I walked in.  It was bright, open, modern and no clutter!  And they simply removed an unused bedroom wall to create an art studio.

Vaulted ceiling with skylights.




If you look further into the first and last picture with the glass panel you can see the edge of a dropped light platform.  Quite often you will see directional lights mounted into a vaulted ceiling.  This isn’t ever the prettiest of choices.  The homeowner chose to make suspended light platforms.  The platforms were simply slatted boards similar to a wood pallet.  It carries through the simply design and allows the natural sunlight to shine through when the lights are off.  The soapstone look of the kitchen counters is a great way to carry through the sleek, modern look of the home.  Low maintenance also adds to the appeal of a modern home.  No care- no fuss kind of home.  After numerous houses that were anything buy no fuss I am drawn to modern, no cluetter homes like a moth to a flame.  My Queen Anne home in Kalispell, Montana had too many crooks and crannies to dust and clean it always seemed endless.  This home also has no muss, rough fir floors.  I’ve had several homes with fir floors.  Fir is slightly softer than oak or other various woods.  but the warm color and tones you get with fir makes it a better classic choice for a period home than oak.