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Biking on Whidbey Island

Biking on Whidbey Island

Anita Johnston

Anita Johnston on her British antique 3 speed cruiser.

What I wish I would have known 10 years, 20 years or 30 years ago about biking on Whidbey Island.  Whidbey is 55 miles long and I think it’s absolutely beautiful every month of the year.  Living in the Pacific Northwest we get a fair amount of biking weather if you don’t mind the constant sprinkle throughout winter.  In Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island we only get 21 inches of rain a year.  So even though we might have a forecast for rain every day it isn’t substantial.

Whidbey Island has great backroads, highways with large shoulders and protected trails.  The closest trail system to Oak Harbor is the Kettles Trail.  Located between Oak Harbor and Coupeville it’s an easy drive or ride from either end of the island.  The best part of the trail system is that it is heavily wooded so if you want to take your children out for a stroll or go for a jog you can stay pretty dry even on a wet day.  The trail system is quite extensive and the best part is ending at the beach.  There’s plenty of parking just off highway 20 and within the park.


If you are not into biking it’s a great spot for a picnic or day hike.  The easy beach access also makes this my favorite spot to launch my pretty in pink kayak and paddle board.  Just off of the beach there are several bull kelp beds.  They are magnificent to paddle through on a sunny day.  The amount of life living within the beds is quite abundant.  From the birds, fish to all the beautiful jelly fish it’s a must for any outdoor enthusiast.


Whidbey Island also is lucky to have a great bike club.  The Whidbey Island Bike club has Wednesday evening and Saturday morning rides.  It’s a great opportunity for individuals just visiting the island to jump in and see the island with a group.  It also gives us locals a chance to share the love of biking and a drink after the “leave nobody behind” ride.