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Looking for ways to save money? Energy credits are available for 2018

                                                Looking for ways to save money? Energy credits are available to help you stay warm in winter, keep cool in summer
Sealing and insulating your home helps contain your conditioned air in the winter and summer, which means your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard. Stay comfortable year-round while saving money on energy costs.  Keeping the heat out and the warm in is the most common thought but on Whidbey we worry more about the cold and wet than the hot temperatures that plague the rest of the country.  Updating your windows and insulation are the easiest of projects.  If you have an open crawl space under your home adding insulation to the bottom of your home can be an improvement project most homeowners can suffer through on their own.  Insulation in the attic is always a plus since the heat you just paid for will leave though the ceiling if not properly insulated.  There’s several types of insulation to choose from with the blown in being the easiest and quickest, most of the equipment can be rented.

A home energy audit may be your first step in helping you make the decision to upgrade windows or add insulation.  Contact your local energy company such as Puget Sound Energy if you are on Whidbey.

The most difficult might be window replacement.  This is where you really need some skill and a few friends.  Preferably some friends that have already tackled this job at their own home.  Making sure you measure the window correctly from the outside is a must.

adding insulation

From now until Sept. 30, 2018, PSE residential customers could get an additional $100 off a qualified home weatherization project when installed by a participating Contractor Alliance Network partner.

spray foam insulation

Visit pse.c/CANom and submit an online referral for a contractor. Under “Choose your product,” select “Residential Insulation” and “Special Offer – Insulation” to participate in the promotion.*

Qualifying energy-efficient weatherization upgrades may include:

  • Insulation – attic, wall and floor
  •   Air sealing
  • Duct sealing

For more information, including a complete list of qualifications for site built homes, and manufactured homes, visit


Additional qualifications apply.