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Selling A House on Whidbey Island

Selling A House on Whidbey Island

You are thinking of selling your home on Whidbey Island?  You should consider having your home inspected before you list it. In doing this, you will learn if there are
any major repairs needed and can address them before the house goes on the market. This also
shows the buyers and their agent that you have been proactive. When it comes to finding the
right home inspector, your real estate agent is a great source for recommending someone, always check the inspector’s reviews. 

Once the inspection is completed, you will be able to determine the next steps in preparing your home
for sale.

Home inspection with Anita Johnston


Things to think about

Does your home have a septic or sewer? https://www.islandcountywa.gov/Health/STWD/Pages/HOST-Classes.aspx
What year was your house built?  If built before 1978 you will need a lead addendum
Do your lights flicker, or breakers or fuses blow?

outdated electrical panel

outdated electrical panel

Do you have a fuse box or electrical panel?  What condition is your plumbing in?
How old is your furnace?  Is your roof in good condition?
Are your windows in good condition?

Take an objective look at your house to determine what updates and repairs are necessary.
Establish a timeline and budget to determine what needs to be completed to improve the overall
presentation of your home. Buyers today are looking to purchase a home that does not require
work. They are also willing to pay more for a house that has been taken care of, so show them
that your home is in turn-key condition.

These items can determine whether or not a buyer will make an offer on your home. Buyers
want to envision themselves living in the house, and if the home is not offered in a manner that
will allow them to do that easily, most will move on.