Buying a Whidbey Island Home January 27, 2023

Buying A Home on Whidbey Island

Buying a Waterfront Home on Whidbey Island.

When buying a waterfront home on Whidbey Island, there are a few important things to consider.

Anita Johnston Realtor Whidbey Island listings

Anita Johnston Realtor Whidbey Island listings


  1. Location: Waterfront homes on Whidbey Island vary greatly in location, from secluded beachfront cottages to homes on high banks with views of the Saratoga Passage or the Puget Sound. Consider which location is most desirable to you and your family.
  2. Access: Some waterfront homes may have private beaches or docks, while others may have limited or no access to the water. Be sure to ask about this when viewing homes.
  3. Zoning: Whidbey Island has different zoning laws for waterfront properties. Make sure you understand the zoning laws in the area where you’re interested in buying a home, as they may affect your ability to make changes or additions to the property in the future.
  4. Flood zone: Check if the property is located in a flood zone which may require additional insurance.
  5. Maintenance: Owning waterfront property can come with additional maintenance costs. Be prepared for extra expenses such as regular beach clean-up or dock repairs.
  6. Property taxes: waterfront properties tend to have higher property taxes, so be prepared for that added cost.
  7. High Banks:  Erosion of sand bluffs on Whidbey Island, WA is a known issue. The bluffs are composed of loose sand and are susceptible to erosion from waves and storm surges. The erosion can threaten coastal infrastructure.
  8. Hire a local realtor that is familiar with the waterfront property market of Whidbey Island, it will be beneficial for you to have someone who has the knowledge of the challenges and the market.

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