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"The only choice I made was to be myself."

Anita Johnston  Windermere Real Estate agent at Oak Harbor Holland Happening Event with Pride Booth.  Anita was taking pictures , handing out rainbow flags, love sticker and free hugs.  Sharing the love.

Me, Myself and Why

I have had a lot of people ask “why?” My first response is always “why not!?”. Why shouldn’t everyone be an
advocate for equal rights? I’m constantly confused as why one individual would have greater rights than another.

I decided 2019 would be my year to come out of the closet and really step up as an ally and advocate. I think it’s best to show up and celebrate those who [are] typically most marginalized within queer spaces and media, e.g., trans and gender nonconforming people, and people of color.

Since my siblings came out as LGBTQ after high school, I became aware of how ugly and unfair the world can be. Now living in Oak Harbor, I see that we still have a long ways to go before our LGBTQ community is treated equally.

My belief is, if I can plant one seed with a mom that they can accept their child... if I can plant one seed with one business owner that they can be an ally... if I can plant one seed with one child that there will be an adult that will accept them...if I can adjust one person’s thoughts to “why not?” instead of “why?” I believe we will all be on a better track to a happier, healthier tomorrow.